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So. A friend of mine shared this to Facebook, and being as nosey as I am, I had to watch.

If the caption didn’t captivate me enough, it was the still before starting that video in comparison to the ‘Barbie’ caption that really caught my eye.

If you have carried on reading this without having watched the video, you’re a cheeky bugger! 😉

‘What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything?’ 

Well, what they imagine becomes reality, of course.

Not only do I find it absolutely hilarious as well as mesmerising seeing the young girl act as a professor at the start of this advert, but I find it empowering too.

Make girls everywhere want to do this kind of stuff!!!!!

Seeing the people in their seats laugh put a little bit of doubt in my mind though, as it is clear they’re laughing at how the possibility of this happening is lower than Atlantis. But then I think to myself, I would probably laugh too. You don’t expect to go into university and have a child as your professor. Hypnotic to watch though.

In this advert we see young girls pose as a variety of things. First a veterinarian, then a football coach, we see a ‘business woman’ say how good her day at the office has been,  and a history museum worker. All in the space of 1 minute and a half. Excellent.

What it cuts to after those 90 seconds is the best, though. Just a girl in her bedroom playing with her Barbie dolls.

‘When a girl plays with a Barbie, she imagines everything she can become.’ 

You can be anything.

I remember myself with my barbies. I would nag and nag and nag for the next, newest Barbie. Then I would match every other annoying young child by cutting its hair. I WAS WASTING MY MUMS MONEY! I wanted to be as fabulous as a Barbie. Growing up led me to realise that you don’t have to look or be like Barbie to be ‘just as amazing as she is’ yeah, she’s blonde and slim, with big blue eyes and so on. But that doesn’t mean that if you don’t look exactly the same as her, you’re not as beautiful. That’s bullshit. 


It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Do what you want to do for you!!!!!!

I love how the ad shows the contrast between the girl playing with her barbies and what she imagines herself as. A professor. Not a supermodel. Nothing wrong with supermodels, but I just LOVE how the professions the girls have been given here are the kind of professions you grow up in school wanting. I have always wanted to be a professor, (no lie), I still want to be one. (Well, I lie here, I wouldn’t mind going into advertising or anything that involves writing) but it has always been my plan, now my backup plan, to be a professor. Talking about myself is so boring, I’m bored myself now. SO MOVING ON….

The point is, just because a girl plays with a Barbie, it doesn’t mean she wants to be one. Imagination is such an extravagant thing, if you have a vivid one, expand it. To imagine the unimaginable is a very special thing indeed.

I feel that the only thing that could make this advert better, is introduce some young boys. Boys play with Barbies too!!!!!!!!!!! Boys and Barbies are cool.

Absolutely exceptional. Well done Barbie.



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