The title of this terms project was ‘disrupting the everyday’. Vejby & Wittkower argue social media has now become a big part of the everyday (Vejby, R., & Wittkower, D. 2010:121) and we plan to disrupt this via a reconstruction of the Facebook website. Using Dreamweaver we plan to toy with the conventions of Facebook. By disrupting the layout and navigation system we plan to disrupt the everyday of the typical Facebook user.

Altering things such as hyperlinks and images and making specific elements of the page disappear, it is our intention to change the stereotypical layout so that an individual viewing our website will notice and become confused, as they would be used to the Facebook homepage and layout. When our website changes, it will disrupt the everyday experience of using Facebook as it does not make its hyperlinks and images change or disappear on a daily basis.

The pictures we want to alter have already been posted to Facebook and are from a typical album where holiday pictures, group photos would be found. Using Photoshop we will edit the images, which we will make unrealistic so that they also disrupt the memory that is associated with the original photo.

Enjoy our website here:


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