I have realised lately that when mentioning smartphones and/or other types of technology around my friends that they regularly say something about how very young members of their family are starting to use, know how to use or even own an iPhone or an iPad or a similar sort of device!

I think this just shows how technology and communicating over technology has become part of the everyday for almost every member of society.

If children are already starting to use iPhones, which would mean that they know how to use them, how much will technology progress in years to come?

It’s worrying.

I’ve heard about 10 year olds with iPhones, smartphones which cost between £400-£600. What does this mean for other forms of communication?! Like actually going out to see your friends like you should, what about

  • actual participation
  • actual activity
  • actual interaction?!?!?!

Technology becoming more advanced and involved in our lives might be stripping away the actuality of the majority of things we do in our day-to-day lives.

What do we do about young people’s adoption and consumption of a society that is heavily influenced by mass media????!!!!!!!!!!!


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