1. Spend more independent time learning the tools on DreamWeaver 

Doing this would have encouraged me to learn more skills when using the software, which if I had before doing the project would have been useful because I would have been able to apply them to the project. This would mean that I could have added more elements with the possibility to link them to more theoretical ideas throughout the production process.

2.  Focus more on outside readings/references

I feel like if I did this more constructively that I would have given myself the chance to link the proposed idea more to outside readings. Since I only read one of those, as I thought the topic of re-enactments tied well with the project, there could be texts that I haven’t explored that I could have mentioned in my evaluation to show that I understand the theoretical context of the project more than I do now.

3. Make sure that all group participation is equal

I felt like the specific tasks we had to do to ensure that we ended up with a website we were happy with were not divided between the group equally. Instead of the majority of the project being leveraged on to one half of the group, it would have been more time effective of us to have done different things simultaneously. Even though things were not done this way, we still had time to look over the website to see what we needed to do in order to make each page link to the right one etc.. The reason for this is because we wanted to finish it a few days earlier than the deadline so we had time to fix whatever went wrong. I still would have fathered more time. Regardless, we all developed the same understanding of the context and why we have made the website in the way that we have, since we understood our proposed idea.

What I wouldn’t change

I love how we used DreamWeaver. I wouldn’t change our decision to use this software instead of making our website on Wix or Weebly, since I have now learnt the basics of the software which will be handy in the future in terms of web design. The other reason I’m happy about this choice we made is because I don’t think we would have been able to depict our proposed idea as well as we have tried to if we used anything else.

  • I liked our time management
  • The group members
  • The group discussions because we were helping each other
  • How our project is a reconstruction of Facebook, as we are all familiar with the website

What’s done is done!


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