My group went in this morning to do the final touches to the pages we made to make up our website (I think we had 18 in total!!!) because like I said, we knew that if we could put it up today that if something went wrong we would have until Tuesday to fix things. 

We realised that we needed to change the links we made between certain pages to make the website make more sense and match our proposal. Since that is what we did, we are now happy!

We had a slight problem with uploading at first, as we didn’t properly link one of our pages to the page we wanted to go to. So after sorting that out, we quickly decided on our URL and sat in front of the computer to see what our website looks like.

We had someone else in the class go through it to see how someone would react to using it, which helped since we are used to the website ourselves so it was nice to see someone who has no idea about what hyperlinks we have changed use the website themselves. It was also funny to see him confused! Which was our intention throughout the production process.

After doing everything for a few hours we struggled to believe that it was up and running and looked how we want it to!

It’s online!!!! Wooooooo


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