“A composited shot represents something that never took place in reality.”



Manovich, Lev. (2001). Principles of New Media. In: The Language of New Media. Cambridge MA: MIT Press. pp138-160.

Today I re-read this text. What had me saying , “You learn something new everyday” to myself, out loud, (I know, out loud, embarrassing. Nobody was there to hear me anyway. No worries.) Was the idea of digital composition, which I learnt by reading part of the text which mentions Jurassic Park.

Call me childish. Because 50% of the reason I was so interested by this was probably due to the fact I love the Jurassic Park movies because I feel like I grew up with them, (Don’t worry nothing will replace Harry Potter). The other 50% was because this text is intriguing anyway, and very relevant to our project production.

On to the important stuff..

The text speaks how in Jurassic Park, a “composited shot represents something that never took place in reality.” Which is true, because dinosaurs do not exist and the same goes for the scenarios and/or settings that are included in each film.

What makes this all very relevant to the project we are currently in the process of, is how the images myself and my group are using are “composited” shots that represent “Something that never took place in reality.” WHY?

Because every single image we are using on our website has been edited on photoshop, in order of the least deceiving to the most deceiving, to disrupt the everyday, as these “events” or “photographs” never took place in reality. And that reality counts as the everyday, right?


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