While discussing ideas for our website, we came up with the idea of the re-creation of certain pages on Facebook, as a way to present our 8 photographs. We’ll be using a template of the homepage and using it to our advantage. We’re also using a ‘photo-page’ where the viewer of the website can click on each photograph to enlarge/observe them.


It got me thinking about Facebook!

Even though I have read through Vejby, R., & Wittkower, D. (2010). Spectacle 2.0. Facebook and Philosophy, other things have since sprung to mind.

We often find ourselves ‘creeping’ on people we are friends with on Facebook, as well as the regular stranger. There are always those people who you know of, but don’t actually know, you come across their Facebook and you are like “Oooo shall I add them? I can’t because they’ll be like “WTF”” and you don’t end up adding them, but you stalk them to the point where it is no longer possible, to get as much information about them as you can (this info is restricted when you’re not friends with someone on Facebook) which makes the process THAT much more frustrating. I am writing this and currently laughing because the amount of times I have heard my friends say “Oh I can’t add them” or something like that, is unbelievable. I’ve of course said it to myself too, as well as to them. Cringe.

What I’m trying to say is, Facebook is basically for stalking.

What other purpose does it have? Of course we can communicate with each other, messages, writing on ‘walls’, and everything else. Group chats are even mischievous. The topics of conversations you can have on there with your friends. Well.

You’re basically letting everyone access information about yourself, your age, where you live, go to uni, how you look, what you do. It’s kind of like a diary. Like this WordPress? Only WordPress is better and safer. I feel like I can be a bit mysterious on here, since nobody on here knows where I live, my date of birth, and I haven’t upload any images of myself.

On to a better thought….. (even though all my quotes are quite shit) I’m so sorry about the language, I couldn’t think of a word more accurate. Probably could have.

How challenging and interesting would it be to deceive people through the use of Facebook? Only in terms of work of course, otherwise it would just be another episode of Catfish. We don’t want that.

By slightly editing some images we are going to use on our website, and heavily editing others, we can deceive viewers as well as making them think, “These are not photographs that would be used as profile pictures, especially not on a serious note anyway.”

More importantly, for the regular users of Facebook, which hopefully every person to use the website would at least be able to recognise the layout and know where all hyperlinks are on the site, we can deceive those too.

How are people going to react when they click back on to what they think is the homepage, and the About hyperlink has disappeared?

What if they click back and images have changed?

What if all of the links disappear?

What if things have only changed so slightly that they are unable to tell whether it is the website changing or maybe they just need to go to Specsavers?

This will be very interesting.


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