As we were given a ‘tour’ of Photoshop with Phil last Friday, I thought I’d get it on my Mac to see what I could do. I realised that it wasn’t much. Haha.


Sooooo, I took this plainer than plain photograph I snapped when I was in New York, messed around with a few tools (not really because I spent hours squinting my eyes and experimenting with everything) and ended up with something I’m not too proud of, in all honesty, but for my first try, it’ll do.


It shouldn’t be B & W because it’s ruined it! *CRIES*

And I am ashamed to admit that I can’t really elaborate on what this edit is. Apologies. But I do thank Phil for taking the time to teach us where things are and what things do in Photoshop, as I can see the software playing a crucial part in our project.


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