I think time lapse photography would be a great addition to the project. The first time lapse image I seen when researching reminded me of Peter Funch’s Babel Tales, since this is photograph of many planes taken over a period a time has manipulated so that it can pose as one image.


It has made me realise that time lapse photography can be used in more than one way. Since I have done a fair bit of exploring, I came to the realisation that there the way in which Peter Funch edits his photographs, and then there is the type of time lapse that can be related to the ‘photographs in 36 slices’ that I mentioned before. I came across a new one as it goes;


Not 36 slices I know! But even though this image of the Golden Gate bridge is just four images that have been produced to form as one, you are immediately able to tell that each ‘slice’ was captured at a different time of day. So it proves that it does not technically matter how many images you put together to make one, you can still represent that the images were taken at different times and make it look exciting.


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