While doing research on photography combined with reality I completely forgot about surrealist photography. It made me remember that this is the type of stuff I could look at and learn about for 1000 days.

I came across surrealist photographer Erik Johansson. He is said to ‘bend reality without photoshop’, even though he uses photoshop to manipulate and finish off his images afterwards. In terms of bending reality without photoshop, me, being curious as I always am, I don’t know whether that’s good or bad since curiosity did kill the cat. But I’m not a cat so.

Anyway, I watched this video which is meant to be behind the scenes of this photograph here:


Since after looking at this image I thought, now this man must be a superhero if he has the ability to produce images that look like this.

This captivating video is here:

Truth be told, it is one of the most outstanding videos I have seen related to photography, surrealism and photo manipulation. I honestly could not believe this human beings capability to create such amazing photographs by taking his own, making the props and manipulating the majority of things afterwards.

The thing about Erik Johansson’s images is that they actually relate to the interruption of the everyday. He makes them look as realistic as possible! But we know they’re not, because can you imagine seeing this gigantic guitar in the middle of nowhere? Well, it depends where you go and how weird the place is. Just kidding.


People could look at these images and think wow, because I did. About this image, Erik Johansson said; “I have this work where you see high-voltage cables that run into a guitar. That idea came simply by looking at it and thinking: Hey, those could be guitar strings.”

And I think that’s pretty fantastic myself.


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