Images in 36 slices


I came across these photographs again, on Twitter, and couldn’t seem to find the photographer when researching online!

I love them




I love how beautiful they look and how the only way you are able to distinguish between whether this is 1 image or 36 is because of the contrast in colour between the first image on the left and the last image on the right.

I also considered how the reality of these images can be questioned. For example, the one of London, the fact that it was taken in London, makes it an accurate photograph. I feel that this contrasts with how 36 images of the same scenario have been manipulated together to create one that represents the same setting over a specific time period.

I feel that this disrupts the everyday because the images don’t instantly seem like they have been manipulated. The only way you can tell that they are not just one photograph is through how the time of day is different in each ‘slice’. It only seems confusing because I can’t describe it properly! Ahhh! But I like how it works. It’s challenging.


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