What have I learnt?


With the 9/11 attacks, the individuals with an accurate memory and experience of the terror are the ones who either witnessed it or who were in the city at the time. These individuals are the ones who wouldn’t have to create a memory of the attacks, since they’d remember what happened at the time and would memorise it through actual experience.

For people elsewhere, like myself, we are the ones who have created a memory of 9/11, through what we were doing at the time. The only thing I remember is seeing the news coverage of it on television. Since this is what I was doing at the time, it is this image that has created the memory of 9/11 for me.



With Princess Diana, the idea of who she was has created memories for those who did not know her and only knew her through the professional relationship she had with the public. The images of her have created memory and experience for individuals. Through empathy and sympathy, we are remembering something we don’t even remember. I was only 1 years old when Princess Diana passed so the only memory I have of her are the images of her, herself.

Do you remember where you were when this happened?

Rememberance Sunday

Rememberance Sunday could be seen as the epitome of remembering something we don’t even remember. The memory I have of something I didn’t even experience is being stood in secondary school on the 11/11/11 at 11:11am having a moment of silence to remember the people who died in WW2, who we don’t even know.

People who experience events and people who see the narrative in the context of something else effects memories.

What I didn’t realise is that different narratives can be constructed around an image.

The JKF Assassination 


“Mr. President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you,”

 “No, you certainly can’t.”

I did not experience or witness the assassination of the then President of the United States. It was 52 years ago.

But, what memory do I have? This.


Parkland (2013)

I watched this movie online two years ago because it was actually my best friend who mentioned JFK’s assassination to me. She is obsessed with conspiracy theories and how they are still being related to the death of JFK! After listening to her fascination with how good-looking he was, how his wife must have reacted and felt at the time of his assassination, and her shock over how he actually got assassinated, I decided I needed to form my own opinion on this. Watching Parkland probably wasn’t the first thing I should have done. Although, this was technically brand new when me, her and my other friends sat in one of their houses drinking tea and speaking about the conspiracy theories.

It’s all about the events that took place at Dallas Parkland Hospital on the day the president was assassinated.

So, I could say that the first memory I had of his assassination is the memory I created from the information my best friend had fed me. But obviously, that wasn’t enough. I needed my own memory.

Watching Parkland might have replaced the memory of JFK and his assassination I had, the memory that was linked to the event and the conspiracies based around his death (which is a conversation you can have with your friends for 27 hours, trust me).

I remember Katie saying in the seminar that the memory she has of the assassination is Zapruder’s famous film. A good way to remember the assassination, since Zapruder’s true footage evokes the event most accurately. But I have created my own memory of JFK’s death, watching ‘Parkland’.

Sorry for blabbing. I’m terrible.

I’m just so interested. I adore how memories that are based on major events, such as 9/11 can be created and influenced. But, September 11, Diana’s death and the assassination of JFK, can be replayed over and over by ourselves and with other people (like my friends when speaking about JFK for too long) and this repetition can have the ability to change the memories we have or even create new ones. Freaky.


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