Encountering images that disrupt the everyday


I was just browsing on Twitter and came across an account named @therealbanksy. The user of this account tweets pictures that provoke people to question them and think deeply about what they are and what they mean. Some just make you spend minutes attempting to analyse them. I scrolled down the Twitter’s pictures for about an hour because I was that fascinated! I found it incredible that just one small image can make you gain so much insight, since the images are representations of issues that are social, ethical and so on.

I looked at these for quite a while


I genuinely thought this image was real until it hit me. If it wasn’t for the thumb holding up the shard of glass which mirrors the reflection behind them, I would’ve been fooled!


I found this one shocking but equally as scary. Even though it’s taking advantage of the term ‘Facebook’, it kind of can be seen as a reality check? It definitely disrupts the everyday by how people don’t see Facebook this way, but it technically is what the image represents, since your face is what enables people to recognise your identity and more and more people are starting to share their identity with Facebook.


I like this! I think it’s because I feel it’s interrupting the everyday through stripping individuals of their capability to communicate with others through their phones so it would force us to work with the environment around us, which can be much better and much more sociable! The 21st century is so technology based that there would be people who choose to not actually go into this place because of the fact that there’s no wifi. It also disrupts the everyday because due to the heavy reliance on computers and smartphones, this would halt a persons’  ‘everyday’, dependant on what element of their everyday they use their technology for. Cafes like this would be nice once in a while.


I find this one an eye-opener! The disruption it causes just by the simplistic representation of how smoking is like throwing away money. Is that true?


This one hit me the hardest. How real it looks is absolutely terrifying but what’s worse is how real it actually is and that people are perceived as ignorant towards the issue, since it isn’t happening here. I think this advert is so powerful! And in the way it camouflages into the scenario of the bus stop makes it even more of a reality, which disrupts the everyday because at a first glance I failed to see that this was actually a poster. It also made me question how differently an individual would react to actually seeing this happen compared to just seeing the advert.

I go on to @therealbanksy almost every night before bed now, haha. The excitement of seeing a new image that I haven’t seen before that will make me take things I don’t consider into question is wonderful.


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