Viewing Andreas Gurksys’ paintings in our workshop on Friday left me curious. Analysing his work took more than a few minutes, well for me it did. I thought I had a headache from all that colour, this image being the main culprit; andreas-gursky-supermercado Who knew boosting saturation up 3839084902384920 levels could have such an effect on the brain. I have never seen a photographer experiment with precision and colour as much as Andreas Gursky! The depth of field, point of view, detail, scale and activity in his images seem so convincing that it takes a long, long time to even be able to tell that they have been manipulated in many ways. I feel that this is the crucial element within his photography that interrupts the everyday, since we are hypnotised into thinking that these images are real. These are examples of “fabrications produced to deceive the gullible.” – Mitchell, W.J., (1994) Intention and Artifice. In: The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth In The Post-Photographic Era. Cambridge Mass: MIT Press, pp22-57

largeI reaaaallllyyy like this one.

As much as his photo selection makes my eyes squint, I love how different I feel his photography is, due to his long shots and ability to manipulate his images to make put them on even more of a dizzying scale. The details on these pictures are immaculate, and I bet it took time too. I love seeing what photo manipulation is capable of and how learning of photographers like Gurksy can inspire me to make my ideas into something more clever and disruptive, that cannot entirely convince people. – WHICH BRINGS ME ON TO

MY favourite Gregory Crewdson and his not entirely convincing photographs;


What inspires me about his work is how he takes suburban America and constructs it into something unbelievable. The cinematic approach he has towards his photograph, especially with the huge productions he uses in order to make them look successful is admirable and makes me realise what you can do to a photograph in a casual setting. I love his approach and how it allows him to maximise the dramatic effects in his the images and I’d find it soooo intriguing to do this to images I capture myself!

I made a post on these two inspirational characters so that I can remind myself of how I can compose, reconstruct and manipulate photographs to make them look the way I want them to be perceived in terms of stylisation.


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