Just a premature idea


I love how Peter Funch experiments with documentary photography and manipulated photography. I find depicting a specific moment in time a very effective technique. Also, the ability to manipulate a photograph well enough to make reality seem fictional seems intelligent, since just by including other people or objects in the photograph can be made to seem realistic, but we know that in that moment in time it certainly would be unrealistic. I feel like this is the aspect of Peter Funchs’ work that interrupts the everyday, since it makes the people viewing the photograph question the believability of the image itself.

In relation to Babel Tales – my early idea would take Peter Funchs’ idea of documentary and manipulation within images, except instead of placing people who are doing the same thing like in this photograph;


It would be great to capture an image in a certain setting which already has one or more individuals in, capturing the everyday and a certain moment in time, and manipulate in images of others. These people would ‘fit in’ to certain stereotypes that society has created. Babel Tales and my idea came from a photo by a photographer I came across called Joel Parés. He has placed a real person in front of the camera. The one on the left represents an individual who might be perceived in a “most stereotypical and narrow-minded way.” The one on the right is who they truly are.



I feel that the photograph on the right has the power to shatter the stereotypical and narrow-minded views society have been conditioned with and that it would be a good element to add to a photograph.

So, the photographs I would use in my own project would show an individual who society would categorise into their ‘expected’ stereotype, but I’d make who they truly are or could be visible to the people viewing the photograph by using photo manipulation.


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