Stereotyping in relation to ‘disrupting the everyday’


Esther Honig sending a photograph of herself to over 25 different countries in the request that they “make her beautiful”, made me realize that every newly-edited photograph she received embodied the idealistic stereotype for beauty in every country she sent a photograph of herself to.

esther esther2

But it’s the way myself and the people in class received the photographs which got me super-glued to them in the first place. It’s about how we take in the photographs we are shown and how we as individuals stereotype others, whether it be in the same community or a completely different country. It also made me realize that while we stereotype others, in this case just by appearance, we can also stereotype ourselves at the same time and it can happen just by what we say or what we think. This aspect of stereotyping reminds me of and relates to Goffman’s idea of stereotypes, ‘fronts’, and ‘fronting’.


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