Disrupting and Interrupting The Everyday


Today’s seminar got me thinking about the position the everyday has in our daily lives, but more importantly how individuals sometimes choose to disrupt that position.

This example of ‘disrupting the everyday’ definitely got me questioning, thinking and sort of laughing:

I think this video is much more than a great idea. Halfway through watching it for the 2nd time and for the 3rd time literally a second ago, I came to the realization which I’m surprised I didn’t come to before..THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO DISRUPT THE EVERYDAY! I instantly thought of this video I came across a few weeks ago that magically and ironically relates to all of this, a video where ‘jeans’ are painted on to a lady, before she is taken out into the public wearing only her underwear and the ‘jeans’.

The amount of individuals you see staring and doing double takes is expected, since the woman not wearing trousers brings in the idea of conforming to the expectations of society, as society would expect the woman to be wearing trousers.

I really like this video. I see it as an experiment on what society think about seeing what they wouldn’t usually see. I also enjoy how most people react similarly when they see an individual interrupting the everyday.


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