After spending time engrossing myself with material which shows individuals disrupting the everyday, I’ve found myself wanting to reflect on the different reactions the disruption of everyday life can provoke. Watching the what we, as a British society perceive as a harmless video of six Iranians dancing to a popular pop song made me realize that the strong reaction this video received juxtaposes with the ‘No Pants Subway Ride’.

The reception this video received from Iran is strikingly different in comparison to a video of similar content that was made here in the UK:


It is upsetting to see that something that can be perceived to be so positive resulted in something so negative. The reality of the expectations to conform to society and to religion is relevant here, since they seem to be the main reasons as to why it was insulting to people of Iran, for them to see females dance with males and females without their headscarves. The video makes me question and realise ideas of places in society and the expected behaviour of the people within that society, which can be easily and occasionally disrupted.


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