problems we faced whilst recording our video


As our finished production isn’t based on the first idea we proposed, it of course meant starting fresh, with a new proposal, production idea etc.

The problems that arose were:

  •  Recording the sound. At first, the audio we got from the zoom mic sounded too ambient and we felt disappointed to use it because it didn’t fit the video when we attempted to apply it to the visual on premiere.
  •  Applying sound. When we eventually came to a conclusion on what to do with the audio, we managed to record the sounds we needed from the areas we had filmed in, but on our phone.
  •  The knock. At the middle of our video sequence, the character knocks on a door and attempting to match the sound of the knock we had recorded to the video proved difficult. At first it was funny but then it became annoying. We were so determined that after sticking it out on a late Monday afternoon, we finally managed to complete it. Hopefully it matches as much as we think it does.
  •  Rendering the video to make it not jumpy. We of course wanted our video to run smoothly and everything to go perfectly, except we weren’t fortunate enough to have good luck the past few weeks. (I laugh about it now). I rendered the group’s video and it started to run smoothly, but as soon as that was done we realized it was still staggering. There was nothing we could really do to make the video’s aesthetics more pleasing, since the fact that we had edited to speed duration of each sequence meant that it would be jumpy anyway because it isn’t playing at the speed we originally recorded it at.
  •  The editing. Everything was running smoothly, until we lost footage 34785345785738938 times. The fault of this falls on the group and myself, since we only learnt the importance of saving everything to one folder before we lost our footage for the last time. Now we know, we’ve said that we’ll 100% be applying this to our upcoming projects.
  •  Completing the video. It was in our best interest to finish the footage and upload it as soon a we could. Since we lost what we had filmed and edited on Premiere, including the sound which we had even edited on Adobe Audition, we said to each other that we are putting the video together one last time with the sound checking it, exporting it and then uploading it to YouTube so that it is impossible for us to lose it one more time. Thank heavens we did this on that long Monday night.
  •  Group proxemics/communication/participation. There’s not too much I can say about this, bar the fact that I think more weight was pulled between others and there was hardly any participation or effort coming from a section of the group. This upset me, as I knew the potential the people in my group had if we had met up regularly and had answers to messages that were sent. Lesson learnt. Although, I am more than grateful for the members of the group that tried so hard to make our production run smoothly.

After the troubles we went through, which I’m sure all groups doing the project probably went through too, we have learnt valuable lessons and are more educated now on all the aspects that are included in the project. I look forward to applying them to my future work.


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