Our video is silent throughout, until the blackout screen at the end which is ‘audio without visual’. Since we wanted to make sure it was related to our chosen proposal, and the overall theme of ‘questioning the everyday’, we came up with the words we thought and hope, are the most relevant to the project.

Having taken inspiration from Herzog’s ‘Grizzly Man’, we loved the idea of “presence of absence” and how the idea gave us the opportunity to overwhelm our audience with the sound we choose to create and then use.

I feel that the end of our footage evokes Herzog’s theory of “presence of absence” as the thoughts heard by the audience at the end of our video can be perceived as rather disturbing and/or relevant. They can also be perceived as words/thoughts that help sum up the video, and fill in the gaps our audience weren’t able to fill in beforehand. Which I hope is not the case.

All in all, I just want it to absolutely link to the idea we have proposed and what we are trying to represent. Which is ‘Questioning The Everyday’ life, the conscious and unconscious mind and/or thoughts and ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’.


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