The Panopticon prison and relating it to our project/new proposal



Remembering and reflecting on our lecture that was on ‘Agency, Role Play and Normalisation, Who Is The Real You?’

Made me think about how much ‘Questioning The Everyday’, and ‘The Presentation of Self’, as well as true-self, false-self can relate to this idea of the Panopticon

It’s already relevant to our proposed idea and has been taken into consideration with our filming, but I thought I could sum it up on here, in order to include it in my evaluation

The inmates not being able to tell whether or not they are being watched by the watchmen, makes them assume that they are being surveyed by them all of the time. This industrialised system of viewing reflects Goffman’s theory we have been elaborating on throughout our production process, and it even relates to our footage. It can be perceived as proof an individual putting on a “performance” as part of their everyday life, as the prisoners change their “performance”, due to the structure of the prison.


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