The Individual Project Proposal – The one the group has chosen to do


One of the things Highmore explores in his text ‘Questioning the everyday life’ is the conscious and unconscious, and this is what my project is solely going to be based on.
How scared would you be if you looked in the mirror and saw not a reflection of your face, as expected, but instead a reflection of your character? I’m guessing very…

I want the mirror to reveal a persons true nature. The reflection needs to be different to what everybody else can see with their eyes. We need to be shown the persons true form, the form they try and hide away from society in order to “fit in” or be “accepted”.

The mirrors main job within my project is not to show a persons physical appearance, but instead to show the aspects of a persons personality. For example, the person we see looking into the mirror could be pretty from the outside but the mirror reflects back an ugly person thus revealing their ugly/nasty nature.

This is Beth’s proposal. I wanted to give her and the group a round of applause when we chose to take on her proposal instead of mine, because of how much I feel like it relates to the Highmore text and what direction we wanted our project to go in the first place.

It not only relates to an ‘issue’ that is seen and/or dealt with everyday, but the idea can also make an audience question it. We feel like this representation of ‘Questioning The Everyday’ can be perceived as challenging, but an aspect of everyday life that is becoming more and more believable.

Having already discussed our idea on the project, it was decided that we want the action codes of our video to resemble exactly what Beth has said in her proposal.

Considering ‘Questioning the everyday life’, the conscious and unconscious and with my own take on Goffman’s text, ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’, we will be questioning what limits a person will go to in order to be “accepted” by society. In the case of our project, we can simply/define it as an individual having a false self. A false-self that has purely been created in order to hide their true self. 

Our practical production shows an individual who is presenting their false-self whilst at university, whenever they are carrying out their ‘everyday’ routine. This personality is shown whenever they have ‘observers. Meaning that it is only when they are alone, that they’re true-self is shown. In the case of our video, this true-self is ugly, evoking the fact that they have an ugly personality that is hidden around people, proving that they live in fear of not being accepted. Nobody sees or has seen this true-self, as during the ‘everyday’, the individual in our production disguises it.


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