Where it all went wrong!


So since discussing sound in the workshop session we had on Friday, and our project in relation to ‘Questioning The Everyday’, it got me thinking.

I felt like the project we had planned hadn’t exactly met the expectations of the brief. The part where we are meant to create a piece of footage that actually questions the everyday, and gives some people answers as to what actually goes on, for some people, most people and in some cases, for every person.

I know that we had the right intentions and followed the brief but after reading my first proposal a million trillion times I wanted to slap myself for not realising how much it didn’t relate to the brief, but I thought of a better idea.

Why not discuss with the group a new proposal, one where we would relate it to a more relevant text from the reader. I had my eye on the Goffman text, ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.’ Why? Because it sort of matches what we have done already, I loosely say “sort of”, as our current footage does involve an individual and their opinion on their appearance, thanks to alcohol.

I think that we could have done a better job, and instead of carrying on with the project and feeling regret after handing it in knowing we could’ve related it to ‘Questioning The Everyday’ better, I thought why not try our absolute hardest to start again? And feel happier with what we are trying to achieve.


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