New and improved and based on Goffman, E. (1959). The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life – My Individual Project Proposal



Goffman expresses that every individual has a ‘Front’, and says he has been using the term “performance” to “refer to all the activity of an individual which occurs during a period marked by his continuous presence before a particular set of observers”. He says this is part of “the individual’s performance which regularly functions in a general and fixed fashion to define the situation for those who observe the performance.” Reading the text, I came to the realisation that can be perceived as absolutely true, and that most individuals will actually agree with this point Goffman makes. Some, if not everyone, has a ‘front’ they put on or a ‘performance’ they give. I also realised that there are many reasons for this, one being to conform to the expectations of reality and/or society, another being to ‘fit in’ and in extreme cases, impress other individuals. It seems to me that most of these fall under the same category.


To produce footage that includes an individual putting on a “front” or “performance” in order to conform to the expectations of reality and/or society or to impress other individuals, specifically in relation to ‘Questioning The Everyday’.


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