Pointer on how the expectations vs. reality idea (500 Days of Summer) relates to the everyday


“Everyday life is not simply the name that is given to a reality readily available for scrutiny; it is also the name for aspects of life that lie hidden.” Says Ben Highmore in the introduction to ‘Questioning The Everyday’.

Does that mean reality is readily available for scrutiny?

So, where the project involves a student getting drunk, there are going to be people who don’t scrutinise it (likely to be other students), people who do and people who scrutinise it heavily.

For the aspects of life that lie hidden, this could involve thoughts or behaviour that a person contains around people, and ‘reveals’ whilst alone.

The Wolf Of Wall Street in relation to ‘Questioning The Everyday’ but more specifically to this project

The conscious and subconscious mind/thoughts. How different they are, especially when under the influence of alcohol.


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