The everyday and my take on it


Do traumas and bad experiences in the past change the way we approach life? Forcing us to challenge life in a new approach in order to move forward. Changing our opinions on how we perceive our lives after these events. Welllllllll….Ben Highmore says:

‘In its negotiation of difference and commonality it might potentially find new commonalities and breathe new life into difference.’

We are forced to let go of the usual conventions in which we live through whilst working towards this change.

Everyday life revolves around the mundane. Usual routines, emotions, time waiting and pleasure. This all seems soooo repetitive.


Erythematic/embarrassing/challenging situations in our lives reflect on the social conditions we experience. And the difference in our lives compared to others. So does everybody live the same everyday? *thinks* They can’t possibly!

There are too/so many opinions and views of the everyday.

Can it be defined? I don’t know. I don’t necessarily think it can be.

Yes, the majority of humans do wake up in the morning and brush their teeth, the same before they go to sleep. (Hopefully). But every individual acts differently, thinks differently, does things there can’t possibly be two people in this whole wide world who have the same routine.

Ben Highmore and his text have 100% been helpful in establishing ideas for our project.


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