This scene is taken from the film The Wolf of Wall Street and shows the ‘delusion of drunk driving’ after the main protagonist’s drug and alcohol abuse.

Since the conscious mind and subconscious mind cannot be separated, it can be perceived that if they do not work together, the results can be harmful.

This clip represents a way your mind can work when you are under the influence of drugs/alcohol. What shocked me and my friends when we were watching this film was how off track he was when he thought about how his drive went, and how it actually went. It’s my favourite scene in the movie because it’s hilarious. It’s also absolutely terrible, for obvious reasons. How could someone think that they’ve been completely safe when extremely high/drunk?! Drugs and alcohol of course.

This idea will be applied to the project, since it ties in with the idea of expectations vs. reality. Protagonist ‘Jordan Belfort’ expects that he has driven in a way that’s perfectly safe, but in reality he’s knocked everything in sight and is arrested for it afterwards.


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