Expectations vs. Reality (everyday life) idea. Individual Project Proposal


I think it would be fantastic to film 2 minutes of a clip that’s rupturing the illusion that the screen’s frame is a seamless view of reality, similar to that of the human eye. The same as this scene in 500 Days of Summer. I’d like to apply this theme of expectations vs. reality to the project.

To over-exaggerate the expectations and the reality, rather than keeping the differences small seems very interesting. I think I’d rather represent the reality in a bad way but also in a way which makes it believable. (Drunk student thinking they’re less intoxicated than they actually are) Whereas, it was apparent to me that the expectations don’t need to be as realistic, since the expectations are imagined and would be much less believable anyway (given the situation the individual is in).
In terms of the clip’s scenario, I came up with the idea of a student becoming a paralytic drunk. They’re expecting their behaviour to be completely normal, when in reality it’s the exact opposite. If necessary, Ben Highmore’s ‘conscious and the unconscious’ from the e-reader would be applied. The individual’s conscious is telling them that they’re not as drunk as they are in reality. To capture footage that works well with the split screen is what is in my best interest, especially since both scenes need to be identical to make the idea of expectations vs reality work. I also find the clip’s action codes important, seeming vital if myself and the group want to make the video look good and work well. The action codes in the reality scene will of course be changed, in order for us to represent an over-exaggerated and intoxicated student, who expects to be far less drunk than what they seem to be in reality.

One way this idea relates to ‘Questioning The Everyday’
Ben Highmore says, “Everyday life is a vague and problematic phrase”. Which is true. Due to the fact that everybody has a different view of the everyday and a different routine. Not only does this clip show the reality of one individual, which would in fact be different from another individual’s everyday, but the expectations are also different. The expectations would be a disappointment to the individual, and could possibly be to others, which will be the same case in my group’s project, if we take on this idea. So it made me think…the situation the protagonist expects, is this what he expects of the everyday? Or just that current situation?


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