Reflection and thoughts on the aquarium


image-03-11-14-11-15-1 image-03-11-14-11-15-2 image-03-11-14-11-15-3 image-03-11-14-11-15-4 image-03-11-14-11-15-5 image-03-11-14-11-15-6 image-03-11-14-11-15-7 image-03-11-14-11-15

Taking photographs in-between filming helped in ways more than one. They were relevant to our thought processes whilst we were there and we knew they’d help afterwards by reminding us of the names of the fish we wanted to include in our video.

Looking at them afterwards seemed relaxing and made me realise how privileged we were to have been able to go to the aquarium to film for our project. I’m glad that me and my partner came up with the idea because it felt like as soon as we thought of it, we applied it to our project.

The lighting inside the aquarium complimented the images more than I thought it would and I love how the pictures have turned out, since I took them on my iPhone and edited them afterwards.


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