Editing aquarium footage/my thoughts during this side of the project


Using Adobe Premiere CC to edit, we uploaded all of our footage so that we knew where to start and what we needed/wanted to cut.

  • It is best to include the fish that we have managed to take footage and photographs of, so we can say more about them, since we know their names, habitats etc.
  • What’s helped is how we’ve taken photographs of certain fish and signs, so that the script I write will make sense and show that we have an understanding of what we’re talking about during the video.
  • Keep watching snippets of ‘The Blue Planet’ to get a grasp of what type of music is played in the background so that we can find something similar and something to match the underwater environment.
  • It is always a good idea to write/develop a script when doing a voice over, there are less mistakes and re-writing what is written to make it sound as professional as we can will help in the long run.
  • Make sure the voice over matches the footage (so that the part of the script describing the fish is said whilst that fish is being shown).
  • At the end of the clip we should insert a relevant David Attenborough quote, so that people watching can get an idea of what are and were trying to achieve whilst filming and editing the video.

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