A day at the aquarium – discussing the reasons for going there for CDP project


Given the task to reenact a scene from a film by attempting to get similar/the exact same camera angles, we decided to choose the shooting style of David Attenborough’s DVD documentary series ‘The Blue Planet’.

Myself and my partner were aware of how difficult trying to get similar footage to ‘The Blue Planet’ would be, but we wanted to set ourselves the challenge to see how close our clip could resemble the documentary. Our main aim was to make it as realistic as we could, so we thought we’d get in contact with Bristol aquarium to help our idea come to life.

When I was reflecting on what I’ve learnt from doing the project, I realised how challenging it can be to film something in almost the exact same way as something else.

Doing something in this context made me feel happy and definitely made me analyse camera angles more than I usually would have, since they were the main focus point. It’s always good to do something different, it’s interesting.


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