Contemporary Digital Practice – Intentions


The distortion of the realism of part of an individual’s everyday routine, through the change of audio speed and order of a short video clip.

The 28 second clip shows what would be one simple part of a students daily university routine. In this case it is removing items from a bag in preparation to study, a realistic gesture.

The regulation of movement at the beginning of the video can be questioned, as the background audio has been edited so that it sounds cathedral-like. Therefore, the sound does not match the setting of the university’s seating area in the canteen since it would be near to impossible to hear a slow, echoed noise in such an active environment.

In the attempt to make the reality of the video questioned, the speed and chronological order of the video were also toyed with. The editing of the last 8 seconds of the clip involved increasing the speed and changing the order so just before it finishes, it replays the video except it is in fast motion and backwards. This makes the beginning of the clip contrast with the end of the clip, as they’re opposite in terms of speed, sound and order.

The realism of the video is decreased by the time it has finished, due to the impossibility of the ability to rewind and speed up time, especially at the same time.

Our intention was to take something completely realistic, such as a not-so-important but very regular part of an individuals everyday routine, and attempt to make it unrealistic through editing.


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